The Projects I Keep an Eye on for Airdrop Opportunities (November 2023)

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3 min readNov 4


I would like to keep sharing the list of projects that have potential airdrops. I really make great efforts to maximize my chances on these projects.

  1. zkSync: You can take a look at zkSync Airdrop Guide: Maximizing Chances for Getting Potential ZKS Token”.
  2. LayerZero You can take a look at “How Fit Are You to Receive a Potential Airdrop of LayerZero?”
  3. StarkNet: You can take a look atStarkNet Airdrop Guide: Maximizing Chances for Getting Potential Stark Token”.
  4. Polygon zkEVM zkEVM Saga Tasks are active again.
  5. Linea Linea’s DeFi Voyage is active on the Intract Website.
  6. BASE
  7. Scroll You can take a look at “How to easily deploy a smart contract on Scroll to get Scroll Origins NFT”.
  8. Mantle Mantle Journey is ongoing.
  9. Zora
  10. opBNB
  11. Manta Network
  12. Taiko
  13. Omni Network
  14. Supra Oracles
  15. Venom Network
  16. Zetachain
  17. Over Wallet
  18. DMail
  19. Taho
  20. Aleo
  21. Fuel Network
  22. Frame (a new Ethereum-based rollup): Frame’s official website has launched Quests on testnet.
  23. AltLayer
  24. Polyhedra Network
  25. Shardeum
  26. Public Goods Network
  27. zkLink
  28. LUMOZ (Opside Network)
  29. 5ireChain
  30. Unicorn Ultra
  31. Meme Coin
  32. Lightlink
  33. Mito Finance (in Injective Ecosystem)
  34. Neptune Finance (in Injective Ecosystem)
  35. CashmereLabs
  36. Metamask
  37. EigenLayer
  38. Pantos Multi-Blockchain Token System(Bitpanda)
  39. Script Network
  40. Shimmer Network
  41. Nautilus Triton
  42. Partisia Blockchain
  43. Combo Network
  44. Nibiru Chain
  45. Lamina1
  46. Tusima Network
  47. Elixir Finance
  48. Chiliz Spicy
  49. Jackal Protocol
  50. Talaxeum
  51. Primex Finance
  52. Deepwaters
  53. Times Finance
  54. BeraChain
  55. Gammax Exchange
  56. Dymension

Additional Notice

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